Senin, 01 Agustus 2011


Nah looo,, akhirnya dapet juga nih lirik lagu yang selama ini mengantui pikiranku !!
cieelahhh ==
dan dengan didapatkannya lirik lagu ini bisa buat nyanyi" sendiri deeeeh..ahaha
wanna join with me???
lets sing together :)


Summer has now come
The time to jump at the beach has now arrived
Come on, lets play with us
Why don't we hop around the hot summer shore
Forget all the boring stuff we got to care and have fun
The sun shines bright upon the sky
Tanning our skin hot and brown
This place is our play ground for us to play
Everyday we have to bother with many shits
I know how it really suck but for
Now why not party and jump all night long with us
I get how you feel so dull to face problems you would never want
But for now lets jump and sing all night long
Jump now!
Shake the floor and shake the earth with both of your feet
Create and feel the beat
Jump as high as the sky
The sun is falling into the blue ocean
Coloring the scenery into orange but its not over
Even if the round glowing moon comes rising
The fun never ends and will last forever
Lets dance
Jump until next morning
Party all day
Let's all hold hands and jump around the fire
Do not be scared
You can always come back here anytime
We won't leave you so do not worry
This place will stay forever
Stars shine and light from up high
Telling us that the party will not end
Hey, are you ready to jump now?
We have to bother with many shits
I know how it really suck but for now why not party
And jump all night long with us
I get how you feel so dull to face problems you would never want
But for now lets jump and sing all night long
Jump now!

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Harisuddin Hawali mengatakan...

hahahha, lucu siah.... video klipnya emang di pantai, lagunya tentang liburan di pantai, tapi dibawakan dengan electro metal-core... EPIC

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Anonim mengatakan...

thx liriknya, saya sangat membutuhkannya,salam kenal saya yoseph bayu di solo

bbegrizzLy mengatakan...

makase yah liriknya :D

udah lama nyarinya baru dapet skrng :D

Anonim mengatakan...

aduh knp gw baru tau lagu ini kemaren haha
thx for the lyric

Ace Juan Shichibukai mengatakan...

Makasih liriknya yo_

pes 2012 wow mengatakan...

best song Pro evolution Soccer 2012

ricky andreas mengatakan...

trims buat liriknya, akhirnya ngerti juga apa yg dinyanyiin ni band hahaha..xD

Ardy Anha mengatakan...

thanks ya lirinyaa

Anonim mengatakan...

ni lagu PES 2012 paling mantap ~,~ makasih yo sis

RayZ mengatakan...

Baru reload harddisk, minta ngisi PES 2012, ,
Enak neh laguu ! ! !

a mengatakan...


RayZ mengatakan...

oia perasaan y comment pertama itu bego ya? di kolam renang ko bilang d pantai??????

Rizky Tria Dianto mengatakan...

hapal sudah lagux...

punya idam? mengatakan...

gua juga baru tau dari permainan pes 2012

Anonim mengatakan...

ada 2 komentar diatas yg bikin qw senyum2...hehehe.
perasaan lokasi VC-nya kan kolam renang DAN pantai....!!!

ipul rasta mengatakan...

Aku suka Tuh band Fear, and loathing in las vegas ..

Thank atas lyricc nyaa ..

salam : ipul rasta ..

Dosha mengatakan...

thnx for this lyrics . its so difficult to find this ~

Anonim mengatakan...

wah, ternyata liriknya bhs inggris semua, dikirain kumur2. haha!

thx sis!

btw, gitarisnya make sendal jepit buajii. wlwpun tema pantai, tp apa yg mereka pikirkan? -_-

Anonim mengatakan...

ngak tw gw mau ngomong apa.!!!

lagunya emang keren bgt, pa lg gw udah dpt liriknya semakin lengkap deh....

thanks yah (x_x)

Angga Restu Pambudi mengatakan...

chord gitarnya punya ga gan ?

ahmad delonge mengatakan...

ne band rekomendasi tmen gw, n trnyta semua lagunya keren n rame bgt...trutama yg jump around.

Anonim mengatakan...

bodohnya gua baru tau ini lagu dari pes 2012 haha

Anonim mengatakan...

Damn Suka bgt ma ni lagu.! tiap denger ini lagu, ga bisa kalo gw harus diem.. hhhi XD

Anonim mengatakan...

indonesia punya yang kaya ginian.
dengerin lagu ini serasa peewee gaskin kecampur killing me inside ketumpahan night to remember.
hanya pendapat, no offense.

Anonim mengatakan...

lagu scream yg artistik

erwin zhou mengatakan...

Thanks lyricsnya

izzy giting mengatakan...

ni lagu kaya gua pernah denger di anime ,
tapi gua lupa anime apaan ya ?

Marzzo Jack shallow believer mengatakan...

ni baru music ..,,salam semua buat para fann's fear and loathing in las vegas..kalian memang rawkk..!! mudah mudahan ke indonesia band ini

salam dari kami fear and loathing..wonosobo

Anonim mengatakan...

gila scream keren abiss

Choerul Anwar mengatakan...

Gan minta lirik lagu yg - just awake-

Choerul Anwar mengatakan...

Gan minta lirik lagu yg - just awake-

i-javax mengatakan...

mantaap ........

tyo utama mengatakan...

@Choerul Anwar
Just awake ada 2 fersi
yang awal rilisnya Fear n loathing pake bahasa jepang
(untuk soundtracknya hunter x hunter)
yg barusan di rilis lagi pake bahasa english

yang kutau fersi englishnya

Closely listen to the voice and heart beat
Now the beating has stopped.. can’t hear a thing
Pieces has fell apart

The world we live today is filled with gloom and tears
But what we only can do is to sigh and sit alone in the dark

Life filled with vanity
Colors have faded
Things you desire exists here
Flee from this colorless world

Back in the days everything had shined so bright
We didn’t have to carry fear towards future
Dreams colored (and) lit our mind with hope
The sound of heart we shared
Beats in my memory unchanged from back then
Can you hear me sing?
Don’t you be fall in down

Oh my lord, it’s gone!!
What shall I do?
Pieces I had have fell apart
Where do you belong?
Where should I aim for?
Once you’ve lost sight it’s left to fall apart

Let’s start it over again
Rebuild and combine all the pieces we have lost
To become one
Like a puzzle
Take it one at a time

When I stoped rusted chain has tangle me up
Tying my body onto the ground
As I sink underground I call your name
What can I do to see the day light once more?

Tear it apart and rip it off
Break the chain now
Sink down or swim up
Fight your way through
Seek your way out
If you can not, you are left to drown deep inside
Chain tangled me harder, choking my neck

You who knew all my weakness is gone
Can you come back and stay by my side
I’ll be standing here waiting you

Heart newly born is always strong and brave
No matter how steep the road we take
It can drive us forever and ever
Let’s take it how we want
The choice we make is (for you) and my future
Can you hear me sing?

Misery is nothings
It is all up to your thoughts and beliefs
To bring in success within your life

Don’t you compare yourself with other people
That’s a waste of (a) person you are so why not be honest to your emotion
Don’t you be falling down

All the promises made between us broke in pieces (and) turn into a sand
Let’s escape from this colorless world to find myself and tomorrow we live

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